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     Creating bringing life into this world is just one of the many magical experiences of being a woman.   During pregnancy women go through many mental, physical and spiritual changes, and with great reason.  The woman's body performs a great miracle each time she conceives, creates and birth's a child.

      Though the thought and experience of pregnancy can be thrilling, exciting and sometimes terrifying, it is not always an easy journey.  So I ask, who is supporting you on this journey?  Is the support you receive from you immediate family or acquaintances enough?  Are they educated in what it means to be pregnant and expecting a child?


     Doulas are birth companions who support the mother as early as pre-conception though-out labor and even post-partum depending on the needs of the mother, baby, and family.  A Doula provides educational  and emotional support by teaching about the woman's health and body throughout pregnancy, nutritional support, birth planning,  labor support and so much more!!!


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Who I Am and What I Do(ula)

Ellenie Cruz has completed her doula training with Nicole Deggins, Sista Midwife productions and a second training with Whapio, The Matrona Institute, in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is currently accepting Mommies to be or even women, or couples considering having a baby as clients. If you would like to interview Ellenie to be your Birth Companion please 

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As a Doula it is my job to support women starting as early as preconception all the way until after the baby is born.  The mother is supported by receiving education on the growth and changes of her body and child throughout birth as well as extensive information about her birth options and plans.  Doulas advocate for each mother to have the exact birth she desires by planning with the mother and assuring the mother that she is in control of her labor and birth while it is happening.  I also ensure the mother is receiving the adequate support after baby is born depending on her individual needs.

I have the capacity to, and love to work with clients from all backgrounds and truly believe all mothers, if they wish to have one, should absolutely have a doula!  While Asc3nsion Art is a flourishing and growing business, no mother should ever feel like they cannot request our services due to financial constrictions.  If we happen to be booked and there are financial constrictions we will always work with you to find you a birth companion that can adapt to and honor your needs and situation.

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