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Food Literacy

Eat Well, Be Well!

Don't we all love to celebrate ourselves, our lives, our culture through food?  It tastes good, makes us feel good and most importantly; it brings us together.  But what happens when the food isn't actually making us feel good any more?  Well, we have a pretty serious problem.  I learned the hard way through my experience of obesity, hormonal issues, and being diagnosed as pre-diabetic at 21 that something about the food I was eating and the products I was using wasn't quite right.  It was then I became more passionate about my health and more concerned about what I was feeding my body to live the healthy and active life I saw my self living.  


After cleaning up my own act, I became a Food Literacy Educator through The Cook Book Project of New Orleans.Through this certification program I have enjoyed teaching children, adults and families about food literacy, grocery shopping on a budget, creating goal oriented meal plans and so much more.  


If you are interested in a consultation, class or event for yourself, your family, community or school Please reach out to us to discuss your needs by emailing or clicking the booking button below.

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What you eat could be making you sick!

Let's face the facts,  the Standard American Diet is making us SICK.  Our nation has become too accepting of fast, processed and unhealthy foods.  In order to restore health and vitality to our bodies we must pull out of the drive through and into our local grocery stores and farmers markets to incorporate more living, fresh, safe and healthy foods into our diets.

Fast Food
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