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Want to learn more about Herbalism?​

  1. Inquire about The Atabey School of Cultural Healing, our BIPOC Only foundational herbalism courses!  ​​The Atabey School of Cultural Healing will be running the Roots (intro to herbalism) Course ONLINE for the SPRING 2023! Click Here to fill out an application! 

  2. Catch one of our community classes (get on our mailing list or follow @asc3nsion_art on instagram to stay in the loop)

  3. Stay tuned for updates on the 2024 Nola Herb Gathering

  4. Check our calendar for other conferences and events we will be at

  5. Check out the Asc3nsion Network page to see other people we love and trust to learn from

What's the Atabey School?

The Atabey School of Cutural Healing serves as a multi-tiered self exploratory program focused on plant medicine and earth based practices through the folk/cultural lens of herbalism .  Each level of the program will encompass an array of skills to encourage students to build relationships with, grow and use plants that are culturally relevant and appropriate to them as individuals - as well as methods in which to use, identify, wild harvest, grow, and cultivate plants for medicinal use.

All of Asc3nsion Art has essentially been conceived from three things - the need to heal, pleasure and expression.  While healing and teaching have been conscious and lifelong commitments for me( Ellenie owner and founder of Asc3nsion Art), when I started consciously using plants for medicine, it hadn't dawned on me that I could utilize earth and its creations to assist in healing myself - and in remembering myself and my ancestors.  Unlike self, I didn't know earth.  I could express and create and therefore heal from my knowledge of self, but not from my knowledge of earth or my familial lineage.  So I decided to learn.

In the beginning of my journey it wasn't so easy to find environments that I wanted to learn in.  I graduated from the University of Delaware, a Predominantly White Institution (PWI) and I didn't see a reason to pay (again, while still considered to be financially  low income)to learn in an environment that would leave me feeling uncomfortable as a person of color.  Luckily I did find a great grassroots program with a diversity of students and teachers (Wild Ginger Herbal Center).  Since then, I've been able to meet an array of teachers that I can personally connect with and trust that I will be loved and supported in my journey of learning and teaching about herbs.  From the need for accessible and safe learning spaces for people of color  - The Atabey School of Cultural healing is born!  Interested in attending?  Apply here!

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