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Our first Mini course will go indepth into pelvic steaming, also know as chai yok, hip bath bano vaginal - and so on. We will have 6 - 1 hr long classes that include the following topics:

1.Global histories of Steamin: Who did it? Where did it come from? Why did people do this?

2.How to do it? How is this done at home?  What are the benefits of this practice? & a lil anatomy

3. When to do it -  how often and protocols for certain ailments

4. Herbs to use for steaming - how to use 10-20 herbs

5. Formulating blend for specific conditions

6.Setting up the physical space for yourself or someone else.


The dates for the class are as follows: Dec 9, 16, 23 30 Jan 6 and 13 from 6pm cst to 7pm cst


At the end of this course you will have a working knowledge of how to steam yourself safely at home according to what is happening to your own body and wellbeing.

Pelvic Steam Class - Winter 2021

    • How will the class take place?
      • Class will occur live via zoom
    • Will I be able to catch the replay if I cant make the live class?
      • Yes, Atabey School for Cultural Healing has an online platform.  You will be invited to the platform where you may ask questions and interact with content 
    • How can I connect with other students?
      • We have a facebook group for all BIPOC students who have ever enrolled in a course with Atabey School - For ALL Students - you can interact on our Learn worlds platform so that you may connect about content,
    • Will their be home work?
      • Of course! The homework is to hold you accountable for putting what you learn into practice for your self.  Its for you to better connect with yourself so you become your own best healer
    • I need the the shipping removed - I only want to pay for the course.  How do I remove that fee?
      • Type in code NOHERBS at check out.  Keep in mind if you choose to purchase the herbs and still waive your own shipping - I WILL NOT SHIP IT.  I love you though :) 
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