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Saturn return is a time of metaphysical rebirth occurring when the planet Saturn makes its way back to the exact same position it was in the moment you were born. It is a completion of one of the many cycles we experience in life. The effects of a Saturn return can be felt for a span of about 2 years as it begins to station in solar year 28, then fully completes its 29.5 year orbit to begin a new. As I begin my Saturn return, welcome the next cycle and celebrate my Solar return (birthday) on January 11th, this is my gift to the world and myself. A reflection and release of my experiences; a succinct outline of the story of my life through poetry. My last turn inward in this cycle; a gift and a reminder to keep remembering, to keep healing, to keep growing, to keep challenging, to keep creating, to keep forgiving, to keep loving, and to keep being with out apology

Saturn Return I: Glimpses of the Past

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