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Yoni Care

So many of us have been so disconnected with our life center, our womb!  Luckily, ancestral knowledge is resurfacing so we may regain the power to heal our selves and our wombs!

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Yoni Steam

Hip bath, Mayan Steam, Yoni Steam, V-steam, chai-yok, - What ever you are calling it, get one and DO IT!  STEAM YOUR VAGINA/PENIS!  Some say this technique originated in Japan, others in South America, what we know for sure is Yoni steams utilize the volatile oils from herbs in a safe and gentle manner that allow the soft tissues of the genitalia on any sex/gendered person to absorb the oils for cleansing, building, strengthening, nourishing and healing!  Yoni steams provide relief to those who suffer from uterine related issues such as PMS, Menstrual Cramping, Clotting, Fibroids, Hormonal Imbalances, Infection and so much more.

Many believe only women benefit from these sacred steams, however, men absolutely benefit as well.  Our Atabey Blend yoni steam is our regular steam that is good for many women not facing serious issues.  If you have a specific concern and would like to consult about your area of concern please feel free to reach out to us.  We do not charge to create custom blends for men or women needing more individualized care.  Visit our store page to pruchase a steam, or contact us using the form below request an individualized blend.

Yoni steams are not a substitute for western medicine - they must be used with care and caution.  Ascension Art and all parties involved within this company are not responsible for any misuse or health issues concerning the use of yoni steams.

Yoni Eggs!

What the heck are they?

Yoni Eggs, also commonly know as Jade eggs, are polished natural stones that are inserted into the vagina for a variety of uses, including Strengthening vaginal muscles and the pelvic floor, Meditation, Healing, and many more.  The word Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina meaning "sacred Space."  For over 2000 years women have used Yoni Eggs to heal and strengthen their sacred places and have even used these stones to meditate and manifest many desires into their lives. 
How do I use my Yoni Egg?
Once your egg is clean you must work with it and then charge it.  After the physical cleaning you may decide to spiritually clean the egg by bathing it in salt water, or smudging it with sage or other herbs.  
There are many ways to charge  and cleanse crystals.  Eggs Purchase From Ascension Art are Cleansed and charged with good intention and positive vibration before they are shipped.  However you will need to spend time with your egg so that its energy will work for you.  You can also clear the energy by smudging or running the stone under water, depending on the stone you purchase.
After your egg is cleansed, meditate with your egg and set intentions for it and the work you would like to do with it. Charge your egg in the sun, moon, or in the ground until you are ready to work with it inside of you.  When you feel the time is right, meditate with your egg again, speak your intentions into it, then insert the egg inter your vaginal canal.  You may not feel the egg after it has been inserted, however, it will still help strengthen muscles whether you feel it or not.
How do I care for my Yoni Egg?
The first thing you must do is cleanse your Yoni Egg.  To cleanse your egg boil water for at least three minutes to sterilize and then turn the stove off.  Let the water cool and then place your egg in the water.  If you wish to cleanse your egg with soap you must use a scent free castile soap. PLEASE DO NOT BOIL YOUR EGG OR WASH YOU EGG WITH HARSH CHEMICALS.  Washing the egg with soaps that contain harsh chemicals may lead to those chemicals leaching in to your sacred space.  This may also cause the egg to lose its luster and sheen.
Is Using a Yoni Egg Safe?
The use of Yoni Eggs is a very sacred process.  There is no harm in using yoni eggs as long as they are used responsibly and kept clean. Therefore, Ascension Art and all parties involved within this company are not responsible for any misuse or health issues concerning the use of yoni eggs. 

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