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Ascension Art is a small business that focuses on holistic wellness in a variety of earth based and expressive practices.  As a business, we know that with the right knowledge and tools our bodies; physically, mentally and spiritually; have the ability to heal themselves from the multitude of stressors we face in our life time. We focus on simple and holistic approaches often found in ancient medicine or among indigenous communities to address age old problems that humans still face today or have possibly amplified due to the overuse of technology and processing of common necessities like food and medicine.

Ascension Art, LLC offers a line of hand crafted body adornments and herbal products, as well as superior learning opportunities for birthing persons, families and people who are wanting to learn about Herbalism and plant medicine.  We produce diverse, life-changing events, such as The Nola Herb Gathering, and classes that prioritize black and brown voices within herbalsim. Asc3nsion Arti is an umbrella company and incubator for Atabey School of Cultural Healing, Poppin Pistils and Oshun's Garden Podcast


Asc3nsion Art is founded by Educator, Poet, Student Midwife, Doula,  Herbalist, Reiki Master, Food Literacy Educator, Artist and Designer,  Ellenie Marie Cruz. Ellenie uses her given and learned talents to promote the art of ancestral practices to heal self, family and community. Motivated by social justice, she has shifted from being a high school English teacher to a free agent and entrepreneur promoting radical change through holistic wellness, self-care and community building. Ellenie received her Bachelor's Degree in Secondary English Education and had a strong focus on her research of Spoken Word as a Method of Social Change and

Education. Now mostly through her small business, Asc3nsion Art,

she serves and impacts her community by providing a pop-up

apothecary, event vendor, herbal consultations and classes focused

on using natural practices for self-care and wellness.  She is the

soul Organizer of the NOLA Herb Gathering, andhas recently

published her first poetry book Saturn Return I: Glimpses of the

past. Currently she is expanding her offerings to provide

introductory herbalism classes in New Orleans for Self identified

BIPOC through the Atabey School of Cultural Healing and is teaching

a few classes at the Samara School of Community Herbalism. Her online

platforms include,, - a lifestyle blog, the podcast -Oshun's Garden on sound cloud, @asc3nsion_art and @nolaherbgathering on instagram.

For more information about Asc3nsion Art or to contact about booking for events, speaking, conferences etc, please contact Ellenie at



About Our Products

“I always get excited to see Asc3nsion Art Popping up in the city.  I know their herbs are high quality and organic, and the teas and oils have such a high vibe!  I can tell the owner puts pure love into her intentions when making the products.”

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